Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok, so after a bit of a hiatus I've decided to move my knitting journal over to my new domain. I believe I'll keep this one for other craftiness, since there's a fair bit of that as well.

I'll also be re-structuring my photobucket so that may break some links to photos here in the older posts. I'd rather that not happen but it's simply unavoidable because I can't find a darn thing in my photobucket now because of my haphazard (or lack of) use of albums. :P

All of this probably stems from some naive urge to once again attempt get organized. It would make sense to get all of my knitting stuff organized under one heading... one email address even. We won't even go into how many of those I actually have. It's absurd really. But the one I've been mainly using for years long ago became so cluttered with this 'n that, that I miss everything important now. All my knitting stuff, all my school stuff, anything with any validity or usefullness falls through the cracks. All the crap is readily accessable though, I assure you.

Of course, always one to get a little overzealous, I have delusions of registering my domain name again and tinkering in doing my own web design and such. Then it struck me how much I hated doing web design... enough that I quit and started going to school for accounting. Yeah, that much. So, it's probably a lost cause. But I still want the domain name. I'm not the most rational person in the world, occasionally. Lol.

So yeah, I can't even organize this simple posting but I'm gonna "get organized" dagnabbit and it's starting here. Or there. Whatever...
Lol ;P

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Well, I've finally been knitting again. Finally finished my Lady Eleanor last week but haven't gotten any pictures yet because my camera is dead and I can't find the battery changer. :(
Sock Wars III is underway. Been working on that the past couple days. I'm sure I'm behind but what the hell. I'd really love to at least finish my pair myself to send to my target, even if I'm killed immediately thereafter.
Tofutsies is a nifty yarn. I just happened to have a skein around that I picked up for another project that never got off the ground (and I don't think it was right for that project anyway), so I'm actually using the recommended yarn this year. *gasp*

Was hoping to have my mom's Knucks ready by Mother's Day but that didn't quite happen. All I have left is sewing up a few finger gaps but I got frustrated after I accidentally started sewing up one gap with the wrong tail the other night and had to put it down for a minute. Then Sock Wars started so it'll hafta wait 'til next week.

Hopefully I'll have some new pics soon. If I could just figure out what I did with that darn camera bag... :P

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hooray for Sock Wars! I just signed up for the third round. Participated in the original but somehow missed the second war so I'm thrilled to have caught this one.

Sadly I have not been knitting much lately. Well, until the past couple days. One thing or another seems to come up or I keep misplacing all my WIPs. *sigh*
Kinda stressin' finishing up classes this weekend and have managed to sneak in a little super basic knitting and crocheting time. Once I get better organized (hopefully over the next few weeks) I hope to wrap up a couple *almost* finished projects and get crackin' or froggin' on my other WIPs.

Disaster struck the first sweater project... It seems one of the cats got ahold of the all but cast-off back and tore a nice hole so now I must frog back, splice, and re-knit. Discouraging. As is the fact that I was using a patter I printed from MagKnits so if I can't locate my original print-out, I guess I'll need to find a whole new pattern anyway. :(

and now I think I shall go eject my snoring dad from the recliner and get some knitting or crocheting done before I turn in. :) Tomorrow will likely be nothing but schoolwork so I should wind down and relax beforehand, I think.