Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hooray for Sock Wars! I just signed up for the third round. Participated in the original but somehow missed the second war so I'm thrilled to have caught this one.

Sadly I have not been knitting much lately. Well, until the past couple days. One thing or another seems to come up or I keep misplacing all my WIPs. *sigh*
Kinda stressin' finishing up classes this weekend and have managed to sneak in a little super basic knitting and crocheting time. Once I get better organized (hopefully over the next few weeks) I hope to wrap up a couple *almost* finished projects and get crackin' or froggin' on my other WIPs.

Disaster struck the first sweater project... It seems one of the cats got ahold of the all but cast-off back and tore a nice hole so now I must frog back, splice, and re-knit. Discouraging. As is the fact that I was using a patter I printed from MagKnits so if I can't locate my original print-out, I guess I'll need to find a whole new pattern anyway. :(

and now I think I shall go eject my snoring dad from the recliner and get some knitting or crocheting done before I turn in. :) Tomorrow will likely be nothing but schoolwork so I should wind down and relax beforehand, I think.