Monday, March 26, 2007

I just saw this and could not be more excited about it! I think Eunny will do great things for IK. Can't wait to see.

There's a big photo update in the works. New camera big. ;)

Thursday I'm heading up to Myrtle Beach for the weekend with my dad for a Miata-owners get together. I'm such a dork. I'll be sure to put the new camera to use there as well.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hurty fingers!

But I guess I haven't forgotten absolutely everything about playing an instrument. :P I still have no rhythm though. Heh.
I've come back across some music I used to love in my search for tabs as well. That new order/regulation that made so many places take their tabs down can just suck my ass though. Seriously, it's a load of crap! I can at least understand some of the downloading song files stuff but fer chrissakes who am I hurting by practicing my (crappy) guitar skills by playing a tabbed out version of a song? Fucking stupid. That's what it is.

Well, I haven't gotten much interesting knitting done. I'm still playing catch-up on the part of the clapotis I had to rip out so that's nothing interesting to see.
So here's my favorite guitar and my bass:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Going to school in your underpants!

No, it's not a bad dream. Come to find out, my Bus. Math class is broadcast on the local cable channel so I am sitting at home in my pajamas, knitting and playing on the computer rather than sitting in class bored out of my mind because they're going over the last test. I'm so glad I didn't go today (and still get credit) because I just found out I got 100% on that test. :)
Unfortunately they show a gardening show next instead of broadcasting my Personal Finance class so I do have to go in for that one. Drat!
Hahaha... he's using my "scratch paper" from the test to show how to work the problems rather than writing it out himself. I must admit, my paper was pretty and well organized. Funny that my work is on cable though.
I pulled out my bass and one of my guitars this afternoon and played a little bit. Boy are my fingers tender now! That's the worst part about playing guitar. The necessity of calouses.
The only thing that would make this better would be if I could take a nap while they do the test and just wake up for the actual classwork. I can't complain much though.

Had to rip out an increase repeat or so from the size 11 clapotis. Forgot a yarnover and that would have spelled disaster later. It was easier to rip back than I anticipated. Always a good thing.

I think I might have a low grade fever. I'm overly warm. Enough that I don't really want to knit.

Man that nap would be nice.

Monday, March 12, 2007


What better pick-me-up when you're feelin' puny than deliciously soft Malabrigo merino?
I picked up two skeins of Col. China and one Pagoda last weekend. It's becoming a clapotis. A beautiful, soft, candy apple colored clap. Lovely. I feel better just working on it. Well, that and instead of taking my ADHD meds and doing housework, I opted for cold medicine, something for the budding migraine and wonderful wool. Did get the desk cleaned off and my painting supplies put away so the day wasn't a total loss.
Anyway, since I only have 3 skeins but want a large clap, I have been experimenting with needle size. Here's a shot of version 1 on Denise 10.5s. I'm now doing another version on 11s with the second ball of Col. China. I think I'll end up going with this one and frogging the first for the decreases.

Well, I think I'll check in on Craftster (I can't believe how long it's been compared to usual) and go back to my knitting.

*yawn* *sniffle* *groan*

Blargh. :P I feel like butt. Today it's my sinuses again but I've been generally dragging for a good while now. Getting next to no knitting done, totally worn out nearly 24/7, scattered, anxious, foggy... bleh. I haven't been to the gym in weeks. Haven't knit in a week and hadn't knit for a couple weeks before that. Horrible with checking my email. And simply cannot seem to make it to the post office during actual business hours. I won't even go into the six million other things that keep getting put off.
So there you have it. Or as much of it as anyone who's not me would care to hear about, I suppose.
The boy is coming over before work to make tacos. Mmmm... tacos. I will then be drugging up and getting some stuff done around here if it kills me. For a couple hours at least. It's a start.
Good thing last week was spring break. Too bad all the plans fell through.
Must.Not.Lay.Back.Down. :P
Improvements to come shortly. :)