Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Long time, no update...

Well the reason behind that is actually long time, no craft. :(
I haven't gotten back in full swing since my accident. It was hard to do much over the summer due to the broken hand and then my super stressful course load. Just after Fall semester started, my Season Affective Disorder started kicking in along with some other life stress (end of a relationship, death in the family, my mom having cararact surgery, money stress, etc). I ended up dropping my classes and taking some time off. You'd think that would allow me to craft again but alas, I just couldn't find the motivation. Or my tools. All my stuff is in complete disarray because that's just what happens when I get depressed and anxious. So I've been spending time getting all of that out of my system which involved me not being home much and sleeping most of the time when I was.
I also hurt my back on the world's most evil fold out couch a few weeks ago. I thought that being bed-bound for a week might allow me to start crafting again. I tried but apparently whenever I have another injury, my hand decides to act up again too. Luckily it seems to be the only time I have problems with it.

Anyway, today I'm starting the reorganizing of my room and my craft stuff in particular. Then tomorrow I'll be making my first trip to the LYS in months!! I'm so excited, even though I have to take my little bro with me again and he's not too keen on those trips. I haven't told him we're making that stop on our shopping trip yet, actually. Heh. I'll just take him to the bookstore first so he can get something to entertain himself with.

Since I'm so terribly behind and all my WIPs seem to be in varried states of distress, I'm not doing a lot of holiday crafting this year. It's just too late in the game for that.
Having said that, the one thing I have made prigress on is my dad's Gamecock socks (despide the shitty second half of the season... I'm a long time loyal fan so I've been through much worse :P) and I'd like to have those ready for Christmas. Also, my mom lost one of her Knucks so I'll be whipping up another pair of those for her. That's not so much of a Christmas present but I'd like to set that deadline for them.
I had really hoped to have John's socks done for him by now but they're not even started yet and they're fair isle (I've never done a whole fair isle project before) so that's not in the cards. We're not together anymore but we're still close friends and planning to do a Christmas exchange and I do already have the materials so the socks will come to be eventually. (What the hell else am I going to do with that hideous orange yarn? Lol. ;P)

I'll try to get a pic of the socks soon and I'm sure I'll have some pics after my shopping trip tomorrow. I'm so excited!!
I also reorganized the stash into big Ziploc bags so maybe I'll get a shot of that too.

Well, I better get busy. Much to be done and little time to do it in because I have an eye doc appt in a couple hours.

Oh! I almost forgot. The one big craft advance I made on my break! I'm now doing crosstitch as well. I'm almost done with one of the Subversive Crosstitch designs for my mom. Now I just have to find that WIP so I can finish it. And her pinking shears before she kills me.

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