Thursday, June 29, 2006

Skipped out on payroll this morning because I was feeling crappy. Sinus problems, cramps and such. That and Narfie woke me up at 6am threatening to hock a hairball in bed next to my leg!

I can't believe I've been allowed to maintain a knitting blog for a month without the requisite cat pictures!

Snarf is the white and orange tabby and Lil' Kitty is the grey tabby:


Narfie is 7 and Kitty is going on 3.

Narf 'n scarf
Lil Kitty

Anyway, like I said, didn't make it to class. Had a little breakfast and decided that knitting would make me feel better. Popped in one of the books on tape I checked out the other day and worked on the sock. Behold, the beginning of my first heel flap!

heel flap

I should go find some pants and maybe take a comb to my mop since the boy is bringing my puny ass some lunch. :) And chocolate! He's a good 'un.
Did I mention that he actually drove across town to meet me at my mom's before he went to work yesterday just to I could measure his foot? Hehe. He humors me... someone has to. ;)

I had plenty of things to do today but I think I'll just lie around with the cats, the sock, and some cold medicine.
As demonstrated in this photo, my cats know how to relax. ;)

naughty kitty
cat nap

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