Saturday, July 01, 2006

Superman was not bad. I've never been a big Superman fan in general. Wasn't crazy about the comic books as a kid and never watched any of the other movies all the way through so I'm no authority, obviously. The new Superman fella did a good job and looks disturbingly like Reeves, except a little more "hunky." And lordy those briefs are gettin' tiny! Next Superman's bound to be flying around in a thong if this trend continues. Lol.
I didn't realize that part of the IMAX version was goign to be in 3D. I could have been more impressed but it was fairly entertaining anyway, if a bit fuzzy. I'm sure my astigmasism didn't help that much but every one agreed it was less that clear at points. I wish more had been in 3D though. By the time I got used to it each time, it was over. :P
A screen the length of a basketball court and 3D glasses didnt' prevent me from knitting though. I got almost to the decreases on my Hello Kitty hat.


Yesterday I turned my first heel. :) Today I finished my gusset shaping and most of the foot. It fits the boy better than I expected. The heel is still a bit baggy but these are just for 'round the house anyway so it'll be ok. The heel is just about perfect. It's just about toe time. :) How exciting!

Terribly sorry for the picture quality (or lack thereof)...

shot 1

shot 2

This isn't knitting related but OMG world's most comfy shoes! :



My adorable new Crocs flip flops. I'm in love and may never take them off!

I'm anxious to get abck to my sock but I guess I should get a bit more homework done first. Perhaps some laundry as well. *sigh* 'Life' cuts into my knitting considerably. ;P

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