Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ah, freedom...

I ought to be snoozin' now since I have my early class tomorrow but that's been even more difficult than normal lately so here I am. :P

I'm thrilled to say I ripped *partway* back without fear for the first time tonight! Thanks Knit Fix I got the nerve (and the know-how) up to grab the stitches up correctly the very first time and yank out the tainted work. Now that I've taught myself to tink properly, figured out how to rip back, and I'm armed with clear instructions for dealing with dropped stitches, I can knit without fear of having to start over if I mess up at all. With the help of the occasional lifeline, of course.

I'm very pleased with the way the second yoga bag turned out. Wish I could take pictures! I suppose I could hunt down some film for the regular camera tomorrow while I'm out but then I still have to wait to finish the roll and develop them. :P Digital caters to my complete lack of patience.
Anyway, back to the bag... I did it in Peaches & Cream Fiesta Ombre. I'm in love with this colorway now. I was looking originally looking for pink (to break away form my knee-jerk everything-blue thing) but they were all out. The Fiesta looked quite interesting so I decided to go with it. It knit up into a great sorta tie-dyed look. I added a triple crochet border to the top of the bag and laced that with a bright pink beaded silk scarf to function as a drawstring. The whole thing is very 'hippie' and it works. It *is* a yoga bag after all. The colors length of the yarn color sections turned out to be the absolute perfect fit for the triple crochet, changing at just the fight time. I should think of something interesting to do with the remainder of the last ball. Actually, I think I'll pick up a couple more balls and crochet something neat.

I realized the bag is quite vibrant with the rainbow colors and hot pink scarf and all so I'm giving my swap partner a choice of the hippie bag or the blue one before I send out. I'd hate for her not to use it because it was too loud or something. Mom loves them both so she'll use the crap out of whichever one doesn't get sent off.

Well, this halfway done (for the second time) heel flap and I are going to lay down now.

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