Sunday, May 28, 2006

The blue yoga bag only lacks making up now. Hopefully I'll actually do that soon. And hopefully it'll be big enough for my mat. Might not need the drawstring. Gauge swatch, girl, GAUGE SWATCH! Yeah yeah, I know I know. :P Well, at least it's stretchy. I think Mom's mat may be smaller than mine and I'm growing more fond of the green than the blue now anyway. Plues she's more antsy to get hers. If it's too small I think I'll just make a panel to expand it. Hopefully I have enough leftover yarn for that. But a different dye lot wouldn't be too noticable behind the strap anyway. Or so I tell myself.
I guess this one should be Mom's since she's actually attending her yoga classes. *hang head in shame* I was doing so well for a few months but then staying in bed with the boy was way more appealing than going to 8am yoga so I started missing it. Then I started missing all my gym visits. *sigh* This and some backsliding on the food has added back up to a few pounds again. Nothing major but it must stop now. We've both gained a bit in the past three months (as of next Saturday... hehe) so it's time for me to get back on it so I can get him off his butt too. I was on a roll having lost about 25lbs between November and March. It'll be hard now with classes though. I start Tuesday, 8am to 10:30am Mon thru Thurs. That also happens to be my exact gym time Mon, Wed ad Fri. :P I don't like the Tues/Thurs yoga lady so I guess I'll have to make every effort to make it to the Friday class. That'll be hard because I'm used to staying at the boy's whenever possible. (Whenever he and his grumpy roommate don't both work in the morning. I don't want to chance a bathroom traffic jam or even interacting with the roommate at 8am at all. :P I try to avoid any interaction as much as possible as it is. Unpleasant, undersexed, unhappy, narcissistic f*cker. No, let me tell you how I really feel. Heh.) I have trouble getting out of the bed as it is and a warm cuddly boy who doesn't have to get up until 8/8:30 or 1:30p (lucky bastard) is not condusive to making it to an 8am class.
Anyway, tangent there. Hehe. I'm notorious for those.

Today Daddy is making ribs, taters, collards, etc and the boy will be over in a bit for that so I need to go clean up a bit. My Red Bull is kickin' in so I should take advantage of that.

Hopefully I'll have a shot of a completed yoga bag soon. I really really need to get crackin' on my Branching Out again too. It's just one of those things I have to pay close attention to in order to avoid having to actually employ my lifelines so often. I love the pattern and it's not overly complicated, it's jsut really easy to end up short a stitch and tinking lace is a pain in the booty and rarely a successful one.

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Amanda said...

Hi I couldn't find an email address to email you at so I am going to post here and hope you see it but yes the gauge swatch is done in stockinette stitch.