Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a hat

Well, between the movie (quite good) and a little finishing at home, the hat is done! Yay.

My brother is convinced I've lost my mind for knitting during the movie.

Just say no to mohair ... AKA Disconnecting the cable

After I finished the hat I was pondering my leftover Lamb's Pride worsted from my SnB Basic Cable. This was my second hat and while I thoroughally enjoyed knitting it, it came out waaaaaay too short and just awkward even if I had altered the pattern to make it fit an adult head. Finally I've gotten over the initial "but I made it" thing and decided, in the words of the Yarn Harlot, "I like yarn more than I like bad hats." So I frogged it.
This was the first real wool I bought, along with the skien of smurfy-good Lamb's Pride bulky. At teh time I had no real idea about fibers (I still know very little firsthand). I ended up liking the bulky but I really dislike the worsted. It was a little funky to knit with and turns out that 15% mohair makes it a pain in the rear to frog. :P
From what little I know of it, I've decided that mohair and I will likely never be close buddies. I'm okay with that. At least now I know.
Here's the offending hat:

Frogging at 3am can lead to oddness...

Finally, it's done!

And now I suppose I will attempt that sleep thing I hear such good things about. :P The boy's roommate has company this weekend so he's staying at the parents' place. That means no snuggles for me which seems to be the only thing that lessens my horrible insomnia. So I play with yarn balls. Perhaps I should avoid mentioning that to people? ;)

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