Friday, May 26, 2006

I require Opal Rainforest self striping sock yarn

In Tiger and Owl. Maybe Flamingo as well. Not want... require! Hehe... but seriously, now that I've seen it, I need this yarn. I've been itching to try my hand at socks and while I am too impatient and plan to head to my LYS for yarn and DPNs ASAP (hehe acronym overload), I must have tiger striped socks! And I want to try the Brittany Birch 5" DPNs. I doubt they'll have those over on Hilton Head. I'll fins something though I'm sure. They had a lovely needle section and it was so well organized!

I finished the fluffy ribbing on my hat again. Now I'm ready for the movie. :) I really could have cared less about a third X-Men movie coming out but after watching the first two with John this week and his being so excited about it, I'm looking forward to it now. Plus it's my little brother's birthday. We're have reservations at 6:30 to have shrimp burgers on the water. Then ice cream cake at Mom's and the late movie. I'm also excited because I've discovered the joy that is plain stockinette in the round while watching movies. I like to do a little more watching TV because I'm more knitting than watching anyway but I have discovered the ability to knit stockinette my feel and in the dark so now I'm ready to practice in public. Hehe. I'll be crankin' out socks at the movies in no time.

I seem to have misplaced the bulky wool for one of Mom's hats. It's a nice plum/eggplant kinda color. I started a rendition of my first hat twice but once I lost it in my room for a while and finally admitted that I loathed the needles it was on and had no replacements I frogged it again. Now I want to knit it in that simple cable design I used with the alpaca but I can't find it!

Well, I better go get dressed. Mmmm... shrimp burgers!

Here's my lovely knitting bag that goes everywhere with me now...

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