Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Going to school in your underpants!

No, it's not a bad dream. Come to find out, my Bus. Math class is broadcast on the local cable channel so I am sitting at home in my pajamas, knitting and playing on the computer rather than sitting in class bored out of my mind because they're going over the last test. I'm so glad I didn't go today (and still get credit) because I just found out I got 100% on that test. :)
Unfortunately they show a gardening show next instead of broadcasting my Personal Finance class so I do have to go in for that one. Drat!
Hahaha... he's using my "scratch paper" from the test to show how to work the problems rather than writing it out himself. I must admit, my paper was pretty and well organized. Funny that my work is on cable though.
I pulled out my bass and one of my guitars this afternoon and played a little bit. Boy are my fingers tender now! That's the worst part about playing guitar. The necessity of calouses.
The only thing that would make this better would be if I could take a nap while they do the test and just wake up for the actual classwork. I can't complain much though.

Had to rip out an increase repeat or so from the size 11 clapotis. Forgot a yarnover and that would have spelled disaster later. It was easier to rip back than I anticipated. Always a good thing.

I think I might have a low grade fever. I'm overly warm. Enough that I don't really want to knit.

Man that nap would be nice.

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Brandi Hillier said...

Your work is on television? There is a joke in there somewhere.