Monday, March 12, 2007

*yawn* *sniffle* *groan*

Blargh. :P I feel like butt. Today it's my sinuses again but I've been generally dragging for a good while now. Getting next to no knitting done, totally worn out nearly 24/7, scattered, anxious, foggy... bleh. I haven't been to the gym in weeks. Haven't knit in a week and hadn't knit for a couple weeks before that. Horrible with checking my email. And simply cannot seem to make it to the post office during actual business hours. I won't even go into the six million other things that keep getting put off.
So there you have it. Or as much of it as anyone who's not me would care to hear about, I suppose.
The boy is coming over before work to make tacos. Mmmm... tacos. I will then be drugging up and getting some stuff done around here if it kills me. For a couple hours at least. It's a start.
Good thing last week was spring break. Too bad all the plans fell through.
Must.Not.Lay.Back.Down. :P
Improvements to come shortly. :)

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