Monday, March 12, 2007


What better pick-me-up when you're feelin' puny than deliciously soft Malabrigo merino?
I picked up two skeins of Col. China and one Pagoda last weekend. It's becoming a clapotis. A beautiful, soft, candy apple colored clap. Lovely. I feel better just working on it. Well, that and instead of taking my ADHD meds and doing housework, I opted for cold medicine, something for the budding migraine and wonderful wool. Did get the desk cleaned off and my painting supplies put away so the day wasn't a total loss.
Anyway, since I only have 3 skeins but want a large clap, I have been experimenting with needle size. Here's a shot of version 1 on Denise 10.5s. I'm now doing another version on 11s with the second ball of Col. China. I think I'll end up going with this one and frogging the first for the decreases.

Well, I think I'll check in on Craftster (I can't believe how long it's been compared to usual) and go back to my knitting.

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