Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hurty fingers!

But I guess I haven't forgotten absolutely everything about playing an instrument. :P I still have no rhythm though. Heh.
I've come back across some music I used to love in my search for tabs as well. That new order/regulation that made so many places take their tabs down can just suck my ass though. Seriously, it's a load of crap! I can at least understand some of the downloading song files stuff but fer chrissakes who am I hurting by practicing my (crappy) guitar skills by playing a tabbed out version of a song? Fucking stupid. That's what it is.

Well, I haven't gotten much interesting knitting done. I'm still playing catch-up on the part of the clapotis I had to rip out so that's nothing interesting to see.
So here's my favorite guitar and my bass:


Brandi said...

Missing you.

Kenyetta said...

Hey there...My fingers hurt too--not from knitting either!
Nice to meet you-finally