Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mmm... fiiiire

Well, I haven't gotten around to that homework yet. Soon as I get off of here, I swear. Has to be done, unfortunately.

So what did I do yesterday? Lots. Really.

First I finally made the pattern row counters for my Secret Pal. Hope she likes 'em. I made larger ones and smaller ones, each in both a 4 and a 5 round rep.
Then I decided I needed something cute to put them in. Whipped out the Altoids-sized tins I've been saving (and the ones I've been using), picked up Mom's acrylic paints and got to painting. Haven't painted in a long while so this was quite fun. I've finished two, one with a monkey and one with a kitty. Have two with jujst the background color so far. One will be a fishtank and the other either animal print or paw prints. We'll see what kind of animal print idea I can come up with once I sit back down with it. Then I need to find a glossy sealer of some sort to finish them off.

Next I ate dinner, watched a bad movie and went through some stitch pattern books I hadn't really sat down with yet, Knitting Beyond the Edge and The Vogue Stitchionary 3: Color. It was really cold so I took a warm bath and read the Knit 'N Style Dec '06 issue my Secret Pal sent (thanks again). When I got out of the tub, my fire was dead so I was too damn cold to get to sleep. :P I have this HUGE thing against central heating and will damn near risk hypothermia just to avoid it (not that such a thing would be a real risk 'round here). My skin is exceptionally unhappy this week so it was definitely a bad idea. And I'm pretty much incapable of building or reviving a fire. Also couldn't find the wood, which didn't help. So instead, I wrapped up in a blankie and took on some Fair Isle for the first time!
In the end I'd had my first go with Continental knitting, two color stranded knitting (one in each hand), *and* the two-circ method! Not too shabby! Hehe. Also listened to my new CD about 10 gazillion times while doing all of this. I'm in love. ;)
Finally Dad got up for work and revived the fire so I was able to get some sleep. I'm still pooped in that didn't sleep much, bad sleep timing, kinda pukey feeling way but at least I didn't just watch bad TV all night or something.
Pictures to come soon. Stitchmarker thingies are rather hard to get a good picture of, come to find out. :P

And now I have to go do some insultingly simple math and dig through my much dreaded financial information for school. *sigh* I'd rather paint and nap but I do have class tomorrow so that would be very bad. I've put it all off too long already.

I need another fire. Brrr! Gotta make myself some fingerless gloves!!

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