Tuesday, January 09, 2007

School Daze

My first class starts today at 1. Can't say I'm looking forward to taking an English class but tomorrow should be interesting (Personal Finance and Business Math).

I'm knitting news, the SWS Clapotis is done! I finished it night before last. Haven't washed/blocked it yet because I have no place to dry it. :P Trying to work that one out. Also, I'd like to get some sort of no-rinse wool wash. I'm not sure what to get or where just yet though. That, and I'm broke.
Secret Pal 9 is almost over. I need to sit down and finish my pal's last box. Wanted to do it yesterday but I had some sudden tummy bug that put me out of commission. It even made me miss the first half of the slaughter, uh, I mean game. I'm not a Gators fan at all but go SEC anyway.

Did another repeat on the Branching Out scarf yesterday. Then I messed up and had to go back to the lifeline with was two repeats below the one I had just done. Did two mre to catch back up. At least it felt like I made a little progress. LOL.

Been making more actual progress on the sweater and I finally picked the cabled hat back up for a couple rounds last night. I need to get that one out since it was originally intended as a Christmas present and it'll be too warm for it very very soon.
I'm planning to try cabling without a cable needle soon because I've found that my hands cramp up when I do cables the regular way.

I think I might frog the Fearless Fibers Clapotis and make it a Pie Are Squared shawl instead.

I wanted to spend the afternoon tending the critters, making stitch markers and maybe working on that stash organization but now the boy is suddenly off work (long story that just pisses me off) so he wants to go out to eat and stuff.

Speaking of eating... I need to improve that again. I've gained back most of the weight I lost last year and I'm really not happy about it. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good gym schedule going now since classes starting back will give my general schedule a little more structure.

Bath time.

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