Wednesday, January 10, 2007


School was a bit trying today. First I couldn't find any parking and ended up 40miles away. Ah well, I figure I can use the walk.
Then came "Business Math." Wow. Um, yeah. So the book is from 1994 (yet still cost a hundred bucks) and starts off with "introduction to Whole Numbers," I shit you not! WTF? We seriously did addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Next week we more up to *gasp* fractions. *dies* I would have died of boredom or fidgeted out of my chair and been really tempted to smart off if not for my knitting. I havent actually knit during class before. On breaks and waiting for class to start, sure, but not while we were doing work. I don't think the teacher minded though. I participated in the work and discussions and rarely actually looked at the sock so it went over well.
Class ends at 5 but we got out at 4:30 since it was the first day an all. I found my 5:20 class, put my stuff down and went to move my car. Got back and was still really early so I knit a little and did my doofus math homework. 5:18 rolls around and still there's no one around. I started to worry about being in the right place until one other girl wandered in. Around 5:30 we were informed that class had been rescheduled for "probably the same time tomorrow." Isn't that lovely? Makes for an annoying gap in my schedule if that's the case. And how am I supposed to know if it's even then?? Just show up and pray? Stupid little tech school.

I'm dreading English again tomorrow. The class is enormous, we'll have to do "group papers" and we apparently have to do presentations for everything we write. WTF? I guess I'll be ready to knock out that much more dreaded Public Speaking after this, huh? :P The boy is excited about me taking English since he'll feel less lost when hearing about my work. His mom was a high school English teacher and he's the only person I know who grew up in this hobunk town and doesn't have the slightest accent.

I wonder if I'll be able to start Lady Eleanor over the weekend. Perhaps I should hold off until I finish another project. I'll need to sit down and figure this entrelac thing out and I'm not sire I'll get that much alone time (and have the attention span for it at the same time). I'm sure it won't be too hard once I get going but I have to sit down with the needles and yarn and sort it through first.
I'll probably just work on the sweater a bit and see if I can get a minute to do a couple Branching Out reps in. I don't like to stop in the middle of those, in case the sticky note comes off my pattern. Oh, and the hat! I keep forgetting about that darned hat! Not sure why.

So, not really a bad day (finslly got the fish tank done) but I do have a headache, burning eyes, and no dinner.

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