Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Very entertained by Dirty Jobs tonight. Got to see Mike Rowe shear an alpaca, spin, and help alpacas get it on. Lol.

I'm much less entertained by my complete inability to find a suitable fair isle pattern. I have three colors of Patons Clasic Merino I'd like to do something cute with but I can't find anything suitable. Everything is either more colors, fewer colors, wrong gauge or too much yarn. Dangit! All I want it a hat or bag or something. I'm having fun with my swatch but I'm eager to start an actual project with this yarn.

I guess I may end up attempting to whip something up on my own. I'm not sure how well that'd turn out though.

Well, I better get ready for bed. I still have homework to do tomorrow. Did well over half of it today but I still have a bit left. :P Then I have 6hrs of class.
Better get tucked in before the fire burns out. There's no more dry wood to throw on tonight. At least it's not 20 degrees tonight.

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