Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So, how's everyone's new year going?
I'm doing well. Christmas was nice. New Years was wonderfully uneventful. (A great thing for me since I have super-duper bad luck with New Years Eve in general.)
I spent last weekend with my ass glued to the recliner watching as much football as possible and knitting up a storm. I finished the boy's socks, made my mom a pair of gloves based on Knitty's Fetching, and started my first sweater.

This week has been home-improvement based. Don't you just love how once you start home improvements/repairs, you always find more and mroe that needs doing? :P *blah* For example, we decided to replace the toilet, then noticed the floor needed to be done as well. Might as well paint then. Oh, check out the ceiling... lets get rid of the popcorn stuff and paint it too. I hate the lights and mirror/medicine cabinet and the sink is stained so there's another thing to replace. And shelves. Neeeeed shelves. Those will have to be custom though. Replacing a toilet becomes Operation Overhaul the Bathroom.

I also started on my room. Gathered up as much stash and knitting stuffs as I could find (more keeps popping up) and stuffed it in drawers to be organized soon. Find that there's no way the current drawers, *or* the extra ones I cleaned out, will contain it. So basically, I'm gonna end up with an entire wall of plastic drawers and hampers to keep it all together. LOL Took out a regular dresser to help with this. Clothes? Who needs clothes? I'll replace 'em with knits anyway. ;) Or just stuff the room with yarn and roll around in that rather than leaving the house for functions that would require clothes.

So last night I'm cleaning up the cat corner and I discover that my sweet little puss-pusses have thrown so much litter up against the wall over the past few months that it's down behind the baseboards.(My vacuum hates me and likely wants to fry itself because of cat-litter/fur overload.) So the baseboards on two of the walls have to go (note: cat corner :P) Well, actually I got all amped about it last night and armed with a paint scraper, crowbar, and hammer I got those puppies off. I was rather impressed with myself, actually. Didn't damage anything, not even the paint, with the exception of one spot of wall in the corner. Who knew it had gotten damp enought to become kinda soft? So that might mean a little area of drywall repair. And so on, and so forth.

And that's only my bath and bedroom. I'm not even gonna go into the fact that we're planning to re-floor the entire house and other such craziness.

Also took some time yesterday to go buy books and get some last minute stuff straight before classes start next week. My brother starts Monday evening but I don't have a class until Thursday afternoon. I'm taking three classes but anticipate spending way more time on school-related stuff because I have to keep an eye on the bro. He started pulling this super-stealthy class skipping BS so we've switched him to the tech school where I can stay up his ass and make sure everything's on the up 'n up. Can't complain too much though since I also went through my f*cking-off instead of going to anxiety inducing classes phase and my parents got me through that. Mom's at the end of her rope with him (and other things) right now though so I get to step in on this one. It's pretty much shape up or ship out, literally. As in Coast Guard. That's certainly not a bad idea, but hopefully we can get him back on track without resorting to military action. :P

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll get a shot of the sweater progress soon. Forgot to take pics of the gloves so I'll have to get Mom to model for me soon. I need pics of the "crayon socks" as well. And the boy's socks. I forgot to shoot those too. Not surprising since there's so much other stuff going on.

Now I'm off to figure out where the heck to move my mattress so I can clean under the bed. This house is waaaaaaay too tiny for the two biggest packrats in town. Well, actually not the biggest since the boy's mom is worse and I'm getting better but anyway...

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Brandi Hillier said...

Naw you don't need clothes, throw the clothes out with the dresser.