Wednesday, January 03, 2007

more on the house stuff...

Ah, nothing better than a shower after all that ick. :P
I cleaned that corner again, cleaned the area between the wall and floor, put a bunch of enzyme cleaner stuff in the appropriate areas, etc. Then I drug the mattress and box springs out by myself (my bro bailed on me today :P). As soon as I got the mattress out, Kitty attacked the box springs. Then I went to get a vacuum cleaner attachment from the kitchen. When I came back there was a Kitty head sticking out of the top of my dad's doorway. LOL He didn't waste any time getting on top of the mattress, huh? Lugged the box springs out (fell on my head at one point) and, going with the theme lately, I need a new one. This one's not really springs, it's a wood frame. Well, one of the stupid pieces that go across it broke on me. *argh*
Picked up under the bed. It amazed me how much stuff slides up under there because of the Pergo-type floor. I move my bed out and clean under it more than anyone I know, yet it's always a treasure trove (and land of furballs). After cleaning and vacuuming I got down and cleaned the floor by hand. Got it all spiffed up and moved stuff back in. As soon as I got the box springs back down I realized I forgot to vacuum the bottom so it dumped a bunch of dust and stuff on the damn floor!!!!!!! I just can't win.

I think I've earned a drink. Hopefully my bro will show up soon with a movie. I'm planning to order pizza and watch a movie. We watched Click last night. Pretty good movie but I wasn't expecting it to make me cry! There was a Dirty Jobs marathon on afterward but I was too tired to watch any of 'em. I guess they'll stop playing all the old ones once the new season starts next week. Dangit. I wish I had Tivo.
Was also too tired to knit. :( I think I am again. Cleaning that floor kinda took it out of my hands. Poo.

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