Friday, October 27, 2006


Come fold the rest of this god-forsaken butt-load of laundry for me and I'll clean you bathroom!! :D C'mon, you know you wanna.

Or, explain the freaky dream I had last night and I'll give you some really tasty chocolate muffin-y things. Started off that I somehow ended up making out with John C. McGinley. Well, actually that part almost makes sense. I have an unexplainable fascination with him. Heh. Didn't think it was quite *like that* though!
It's the second part I don't get. It involved hooking up with an ex, who in reality, I would strangle with my bare hands if I knew I would never ever get in trouble for it. To do the world a favor. Then it got really weird. Some psychotic social services dude comes busting in the apartment (my last one in FL), ranting and raving about me being under age (??). He runs in the kitchen, grabs a HUGE spoon and proceeds to start smacking me in the head with it! I grab the phone and run out of the apartment. As soon as I get 911 on the phone, I get out of range and psycho SS dude is hot on my tail, but suddenly, he's a chick! Still wielding the giant spoon of doom, though. There was a chase around the complex until I found my car and took off. Then I woke up pretty darn freaked out.
The weirdest thing is that certain parts of it were *way* more realistic than almost any dreams I've had. Like all 5 senses were into it. Usually there's some sort of detatched feeling to it. Like I can't really smell or taste things correctly and I sure don't halfway jolt myself awake because I'm absolutely certain I can feel someone touching me. I could actually taste stuff too. Freaked me the hell out.
The night before, I kept waking up and swaering someone else was in the room. Once, standing by the bed, and once actually laying in the bed next to me. Saw it 'bout plain as day. Wasn't nearly as scary as it sounds either. Just odd.

Folding too much laundry must me doing weird things to my brain! Or maybe it's a side effect from the cat litter contact! Lol.

Ok, not that I've shared entirely too much information you never needed to know, I think I'll go eat lunch.

PS- I know the mini-clap will be unhappy but I think I'll actually start the sock-clap tonight. I'm too excited about it to wait any longer. :)

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