Thursday, October 26, 2006


Got a good bit done again today. As much as I've done these past few days I still have a ton to do tomorrow. I've washed a *ton* of clothes, packed a few, fixed up the cats and hamsters (only fish tanks left), organized meds/vitamins (except could only find one week organizer so I'm still short), reorganized the stash, selected most of the projects and yarn to take, organized and selected patterns (still have books to go), etc
Still have the fish tanks to do, trunk to clean out, CDs to burn, clothes to wash and pack, toiletries to pack, school stuff to sort, etc.
I really wish they would have confirmed this trip a few days earlier so I'd have had more time. Aw, who am I kidding? I would be in teh same position because I would have said "oh, I have time." It's amazing I'm this far into things, actually. I'm a notorious 12 - 3am stuff everything but the kitchen sink in bags and go.
Anyway, I'm going to do tanks, fold the clothes on my bed, and call it a day. The boy is bringing me dinner in a bit. :) He's good like that. He's also going to help with my trunk tomorrow after work. Hopefully I'll have most things ready for him to help stuff in the car as well. I am incapable of traveling "light." The one time I did was my trip to FL. Packed one bag for two weeks. Stayed two years. No, three, actually.
Knitting hasn't helped lighten the load at all. Luckily my hair and make-up are much lower maintenence now though.
But seriously, two weeks?! Who knows what knitting stuff I could need in TWO WEEKS! :P But I also must consider the yarn stores I have to hit. Gotta leave room for that!
Anyway, that's the update on the pre-trip.

Ok, how 'bout some knitting related pictures to go with my pissin' and moanin'? :D

Here we have Mom's Knucks. Unfortunately I hadn't discovered the wonders of the cable cast on yet so I used the long-tail and the fingers look a tad bulky/sloppy. Oh well, I still have another pair for her and hopefully one for me to go. I'll get better. These are done in KnitPicks Merino Style. Nice to work with. We'll see how it wears. I have some beautiful and super soft RYC Cashsoft for her next pair. I wound the second ball today and was HORRIFIED to find THREE knots from two pieces being tied together, one weak spot so bad it had to be cut out and two non-spicing tight knots!!! WTF? If I pay nine effing dollars for a ball of yarn I should get a ball of crap I have to mutilate! As much as I despise weaving ends I'm super duper pissed. I sent them an email about it but I really don't expect that a company that large will give two shits. I'm very unhappy. I loves me some Cashsoft but thatis just unacceptable! *sigh*
Anyway, here's the picture... lol

Next up is the washrag/dishrag from hell. I like the colors even though you can't see the design very well but the heart chart + the gauge = very large rag which ran out of yarn two rows from the end. I tried to crochet cast off (desperation makes you do retarded things) and of course it looked like crap. Bought another ball (Peaches & Cream, gotta love it), picked out the cast off and now I'm slowly going backward to fix the shortened st st part and make it look less craptastic. I kow I should just kill the whole thing and redo it as two rags with one heart in the middle of each but I'm stubborn. I'll make this one the way it should have been, hate it, frog it, and be too mad at the yarn to use it for a while. Good plan? Yeah, that's what I thought. ;P

This is the crayon kit thingy I made into a DPN case. Perfect fit. As you can see, I loves me some DPNs. Actually, this is only about 2/3 of em. I need more. No, seriously, I need more. I don't have enough 6"ers.

Behold the super cool bag I got for $1.99! It's the perfect size for my mini-clap in progress, which makes sure I take it everywhere I go. Fear the mini-clap. Obey the mini-clap. Ignore the messy sheets.

Last but certainly not least we have my trusty crap-holder. I got this puppy at WalMart on sale for a buck and a half.

And a shot of the guts. The camel tin is stitch markers. The bigger altoids tin is needle cap-y thingies whose name I am drawing a blank on right now. :P The smaller one is crochet stitch markers and a couple yarn needles. Then we have the retractable tape measure, gauge wizars, US0 DPNS, crochet hooks, scrap yarn, post-its, and emboridery scissors (can't see those).

I've gotten so much use out of this puppy, I picked up a green-ish one yesterday.

Ok, that's all I have.

Eh, the fish can wait a few more minutes. It's time to have a beer and watch Scrubs.


CraftyHobbit said...

I love the case for your DPN's. I too have an apalling amount and I could use more. I never have enough 6's or 2's.

PlanetJanet said...

Such a neat DPN bag! Okay . . . now I feel like an idiot for not storing my DPNs in their original packaging. I've thrown all the packaging away and now have a bunch of loose DPN's