Monday, October 23, 2006

Ahoy, Busy week ahead!

Ok, I really have to start sleeping during reasonable hours if I expect to meet my goals for this week. I've still been on that 3/4am-1/2pm schedule. Not because I want to... just can't seem to swing anything better. Have to do better than that though. I'll be asleep by 12:30 tonight if I have to knock myself out with a frying pan!
Since my temp 'assignment' in Asheville came through, I have butt-loads of stuff to do to get ready for 2 weeks away. First, I have to get my school stuff straight. I've done this week's work and I'll be doing next week's as soon as I finish this entry and the lunch I'm having simultaneously. Tomorrow I need to go in during Comp ACC and talk to my instructor about the ACC102 test on the 8th. I won't be back until the following weekend so I either need to get it out of the way before I leave Saturday or schedule a make-up after I get back. I'm going to be up there for two weeks and making $400 a week so I can't pass that up. Getting paid to spend two weeks in Asheville? Yes, please!
I also have to do things like clean my room, locate and wash 2 weeks worth of clothes, change my hamster cages (and add the new wheel that just came in), locate my travel bags, hit the WalMart (ugh) for some things I need to re-up on, Mapquest directions to all the yarn shops/thrift shops/health food shops I wanna hit on the weekends, and pack.
And of course I must carefully select the knitting projects and supplies to take with me. I drive a Miata so the clothing/bath products/knitting selection process could take longer than you'd think. I do have to leave room for stash expansion acquisitions as well. ;)

On the knitting front, this weekend was quite productive but not as productive as I expected, in certain ways.
I started, and finished, the first SOD sock for my SP. Only problem is, it's not for my SP anymore. :P I got most of the way down the foot and realized I didn't have enough in that first ball to complete the toe. Logically, if the first sock takes more than one ball and I only have two, I won't have enough to make it through the second sock. :( I weighed my options...
I could:
* keep going and hope, against better judgement, that there'd be enough yarn for the sock then knit the second on in fear of not having enough as well. I went with this option until I could no longer deny how tiny that ball had gotten.

* finish the sock then make a desperate trip to ACMoore (over an hour away) in hopes of finding a third ball. This seemed like a bad idea.

* rip it all out and make the top shorter. This would look silly seeing as how it wasn't a tall sock to begin with. And even though I knit the thing all in one day, I wasn't keen on having to do it all over again.

* rip back to the start of the heel, then knit the heel and toe in a silver/grey I bought for my friend's Christmas hat. Again, this involved ripping out a lot of work I didn't want to lose. I also wasn't sure how successful I'd be considering the stitch pattern.

* do the toe in silver and repeat on second sock. This seemed like the best idea. Mom thought so as well. Actually she loved the idea of silver toes. She also loved the lilac color of the yarn.

So, I went with door number four. Apparently door number four leads to Mom claiming the silver-toed sock as her own and offering to pay for more yarn for another pair for my SP. Ripping it out would have actually saved me time on the SP socks, it seems. LOL
So now I have a second silver-toed sock to finish, more yarn to buy, and a third pair of SODs to knit. :P It's a good thing they go quickly!
Speaking of SODs... I've been wearing my killer socks all weekend. They're fabulous. As I've mentioned, I love this pattern. It makes for wonderful house socks! I want another pair for myself. I think I might scrap the hat idea for my friend and make him a pair as well. He lives in FL but who doesn't get cold toes at some point? This idea also stems from me being a little stuck on the designing of his hat pattern and the fact that I've already used part of his yarn so I'll need to buy more anyway. I think I remember what size shoes he wears. I think. I suppose I should ask though.

Anyway, there will be a silver-toed SOD photo soon. Maybe not until I get back though since I think i'll wait until I have the pair done and I'm not sure I'll have time this week.

I also re-started the Broadripple socks last night. Went up a needles size and can't quite tell if it's enough yet. If not, this pair will have to go on hold until I get the SODs done. Actually, if this doesn't work, the Broadripples may never come to be since they're pissing me off. :P

The mini-clap didn't get as much time as I expected. I thought I'd be through the second ball by now.

The swatch for the boy's Go-Team socks didn't get finished like I expected. I got distracted. I'll probably work on them in NC. Should have plenty of time since you can work on a plain sock anytime, anywhere. Here's what I'm thinking now though... I originally bought a charcoal grey as a base and purple and orange for the heel, toe, and gym sock-esque stripes. I wanted to buy an ash grey but he liked the darker one on the screen. Of course once the yarn arrived he realized he'd prefer the lighter grey. So I ordered the ash. The plan was to use the ash in leau of the charcoal and be done with it. Now I'm thinking maybe I should do the foot in charcoal and the top in ash. The ash would be visible (it goes better with the orange and purple) but the charcoal would be there to keep them from looking dirty. This is a boy who will wander outside in his socks. This is also a boy known for wearing things more than once and since these are handwash socks, I'm sure they'll be no exception. Plus he's moving back to the parents' place for a few months and they don't have the world's cleanest floor, but that won't keep him from running about in said socks. Anyway, I can't decide yet. Any opinions?

So there's a nice long-winded text-y entry. I have to go do work now. ;P

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