Thursday, October 19, 2006


I love winding yarn into balls by hand. I like the excuse to spend extra time with the yarn. I like being able to take care of any knots beforehand.
I've always been fascinated by center-pull balls of yarn so I still feel clever everytime I wind one. :) Well, now I feel even more clever because I've figured out another way to add to the looseness of the ball. My first ones were terribly tight because I didn't know any better. Then I figured out the winding around the thumb method. This works well but I don't want to wint too far in advance since I'm not sure if it's loose enough or not. A swift would eliminate my tension problems but don't have one of those so I make do. I just rolled my first really loose yarn ball! Finally I was able to wind the yarn over my fingers without compromising my ability to keep the darn thing in my hand. I wasn't even thinking about doing anything different.
That's one of the funny things with knitting... I'll be chuggin' along and suddenly *poof* something will click and I'll be a gazillion times better at it. Good stuff. :)

Looks like I'll be heading up to Asheville not this weekend, but the following one. I'm going to help a family friend out for a week or so. She broke her leg and had to have surgery. (WTF is with all the surgery lately?!!?) She runs a small in-home child care business (in a multi-level home, no less) so she'll be needing a bit of help. I have some time between tests in ACC102 and I finished my other course early so I can swing it.
I'm still totally under the weather but I'm looking forward to this. I think my sinuses will shape up a bit in the different climate. :) I can use a little extra money as well. And, of course, I'm always up for a trip to Western NC!
I haven't gone on a solo road trip in a couple years so it should be nice. I love driving up that way. The coming back is pretty anti-climactic but the getting there is great fun. The scenery gets better, the air more crisp, the road starts to wind and hills appear, followed by mountains. Lovely. The fall foliage should be setting in by now as well. I haven't seen that in many a year. *sigh*

Today is sock swatch day. I'm going to wash 'em tonight then get started on a pair or two tomorrow. I'm trying not to get too many things going at once so I can actually finish stuff at a decent rate but I can't decide which ones to work on next so I'll probably cast on a couple.

Ugh... little sleep + benadryl & sudafed + one bowl of soup being the whole day's food tally = blaaaaaaaaaah
I can't seem to pursuade the clean launrdy to remove itself from the dryer and stack neatly somewhere. Lazy ass laundry! ;P

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