Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sleep is just not my friend right now. :( For a couple months it's been bad quality. Not that the quality seems to be improving, I'm having more trouble with the quantity portion. *sigh*

So while not sleeping I came across Exactly how have I missed out on this? Awesomely priced laceweight in neat colors. Too bad I can't do any more shopping for a while. :(
I'm particularly fond of these: <-- reminds me of caramel apples <-- apples again

This is beautiful stuff too but not nearly as affordable.

I really want enough handpainted laceweight to make the Pi Are Squared shawl. I'm really intrigued by the shape of that shawl. Can't wait to read the book. Should be arriving next week. :)

Craftster is my my favorite insomnia outlet. Find all kinds of neat stuff!

But once you realize you've gone through the better part of an 83 page thread, it's time to go to bed. I think I can probably get to sleep now. Of course I'll not be seeing clapotis and fabulous handpainted yarn in my sleep, no doubt. ;P

**edited to add**
Oh lordy, I think I'm going to be ill! The trackpad on my iBook is going out! Seriously. It's all jumpy and crazy with a mind of its own. It's not that much of a shock considering she's almost 6 years old. There's a crack in the handrest now and a chip on two corners. Now the trackpad. *wah* :( There's no way I can afford a new laptop anytime soon. I love this laptop! I know it has to go sometime but I just don't want to admit it. It's not allowed to dessert me until I can afford to replace it!!!

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