Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ah, it's been a decent day. Treated myself to sushi for lunch before getting my hair trimmed. Mmm... problem is, sushi is like crack (or sock yarn) to me... whenever I get it, I just want more. ;)
Does anyone else think that salons have just gotten way out of hand? There's this little place downtown where my dad and brother go. I had my dad's stylist spruce mine up earlier in the year to knock off the splits and the very last bit of old color. She did a nice job so I planned to go back. Usually I put it off until I'm an inch deep in unhappy ends but I decided to get the jump on time-damage by actually getting a trim before it got out of hand. (Figured I might as well take good care of it now that it's finally started growing again and isn't falling out as much.) I have my own hair routine that doesn't mesh well with most salon routines, since most salons aren't on board with the no sulfates/silicones/dryers/brushes thing. Because of this, and because I just needed a *teeeeeeeeeensy* trim, I don't need the full wash-cut-style deal. But they still wanted to charge me 30 bucks! WTF? My brother had ringlets halfway down his back and paid 20-something because he's a dude but a <15min trim-only would cost me 30 + tip? Uh, no thanks. I called around and got quotes of $27 - $40 from about a half dozen other places. INSANITY! What happened to being able to get a freakin' trim?! It's nuts. Finally remembered a place I'd gone to a few years back and called them. $14. $16 w/ wash and style. At least someone's still reasonable! So I was able to have a nice lunch, get my hair cut, tip at both places and still come out a couple bucks shy of what the other trim would have cost me! She did exactly what I wanted too. .. another rarity.
Anyway, there's my rant.

My bro is doing well. He's been home since Fri and he's at a doc appt now.
My cousin is coming along and will be shipping out to Atlanta for rehab within the week. He'll have a 10 person team working exclusively with him and my aunt and uncle will have a temp apartment there and will be trained to care for him as well. Sounds good. We're hopeful. Got to see him Monday. His body may be a mess right now but his mind is not hampered at all. I'm really thankful for that.

The stress of all of this has started getting to me. I don't know how to handle being the healthiest, most well-adjusted one. I'm used to being the problem. Not I'm trying to hold it together, hold everyone else together as best I can and not get run down. It's exausting and there's not a lot of time to process it all. Mini-breakdown at 3am. The boy is tired today from staying up with me. I feel better though.
I haven't knit in 3 or 4 days. I tried once but just couldn't concentrate, especially through the mini-migraines. I'm feeling better today though and after my test at 5, I'm planning to go tend the dogs I'm dog-sitting, grab a movie, have the boy over, partake in uh... herbal refreshment, and work on some socks. :) Gotta get back in the swing since I have some more cool stuff on the way. More on that later.

Better go glance over the chapters again before class.

I have the Secret Pal questionnaire mostly filled otu so I'll be posting that in the nest day or two.

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