Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Great mysteries of the universe

Ok, I really just can't comprehend how two cats can shed so much and not be totally bald! It's insane!
I've managed to gather up all the dirty clothes (and the clean ones that got lost in the shuffle at some point), throw out a bunch of boxes and what-not, pile all the crafty goodness on the bed and I'm 'bout ready to hit the floor. It hasn't really been that long since I cleaned, I just live in a closet. (Sadly, I'm not really exaggerating there.) Every time I get down to the sweeping and vacuuming and such I am simply baffled by the accumulation of fur! I could build a herd of cats here! As soon as I clean it up, there it is again. Everywhere. Some sort of kitty-cat voodoo or some such supernaturalness. The why part is beyone me as well.

I made a fabulous discovery while cleaning. Came across a little clear plastic zip-up baggie that was part of a kiddie art set. Said baggie is the *perfect* size for DPNs! Finally, something to get me through until I can get or make a proper roll up case. My DPN storage situation has been horrible and involved random plastic baggies, a cardboard box, and stuffing some in the binder that's already too small for my other needles. Not idea by any means. It's a miracle they've survived.

Ok, time to get my money's worth out of that shop-vac and Swiffer thingy. :) I may not be the most alert today but I'm getting plenty accomplished. Productivity makes me feel so much better. Especially when it results in a significantly less cluttered living space. Key word being "less"... it's still cluttered as all get out but that's just me and my closet sized room. No, actually it's just me in general. At least I'm trying. ;)

In case you're wondering, the absurd amount of blogging today is just some sort of odd little break time reward system thing. It's less likely I'll end up getting sucked into Craftster or something if I just yap here for a minute then get back to it. One can't very well just sit there on a break whilst all jacked up on caffeine. And there can be no knitting until I'm done for the day.


lorinda said...

I wish I could make myself clean the way you are today. Maybe the promise of found objects will lure me . . .


Karin said...

My cats are the same way. It's so gross! They must have enough fur for 100 sweaters.