Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ok, one more because this just begs to be shared :P

Everything was going smoothly. Feelin' good, end in sight, all that jazz. I go to clean the "cat corner" (litter box and such) and discover that someone has decided there's just not enough box and the informed my by missing over the back corder and tossing some litter back there for good measure. Nice. I debated over the best way to handle this particularly distasteful, and set-in (read: dried up all gross like) mess. Suddenly I had a great idea. I'd just use the stiff brush I bought to clean around the edge of the tub but ended up not needing to use. It'd fix around wall edges perfectly. And so it did. First swipe proved what a great plan this was. It was taking it right out of the nooks and crannys. Awesome. I scrubbed in the other direction and the fun began. A little chunk of not-so-clean litter shot directly into my left eye! Nothing got anywhere else just cat litter straight in my damn EYE!!! I jumped up, yanked off the gloves, ran to the bathroom and started flushing my eye out with water. I loathe having to put anything near my eye, much less *in* it but I had no trouble keeping my eye open for this. I did discover that the bathroom faucet is much too low and the sink much too shallow (and a bit overly grimy once we got up close and personal) to make this work well. What to do? I run to the kitchen thinking I could do better. If anything, that angle was worse. Tried the spray nozzle on really low. Pain in the butt but it was slightly easier to aim. I alternated sinks and methods until I had the bright idea to the the shower. Why doesn't the showerhead have an "eye rinse" setting?! After all of this I finally felt I had the offending substance out of my poor poor eye. Of course it still felt scratchy as all get out. I had put allergy drops in that eye not a half hour before the incident because it was itching a little so I grabbed them and added a little more. Had to do something after all that blasted water! Mom brought me some different OTC drops and I used those too. Finally it dawned on me that I should probably consult an expert. Called the opthalmolagist (the heavy duty fella, not the corner store optomitrist) and he said to come on in to have a look since it obviously felt a bit scratched. I changed into a slightly less raggedy ensemble (well, cleaner at least), grabbed the mini-clap bag and my purse and headed out. I guess the knitting found a way to get its attention after all. :P I ended up being there for a good hour and a half so I made some progress. Thankfully I was feeling much better by the time the doc got to me. I apparently did a good job and only suffered minor scratches. Got some drops and instructions not to mess with it. Only cost me $12.50, which was a blessing considering how my insurance loooooves to jerk me around.
Got home about 45min ago. Called Dad to give him an update and what does he remember by the end of the conversation? Oh, there's an eye wash do-hickey under the sink!!!!

I have threatened the physical well-being of the next animal to piss in the effing corner.

I'm ok now, save for the headache I have brewing. I'm keeping an, uh, eye on that eye for the next few days though. The last thing I need is some cruddy cat-piss-y eye infection (*shudder*) to ruin my NC plans.

I now have a sneaking suspicion that the mini-clap will go to some dirty extremes to get attention. Good thing those Addis aren't too pointy! Maybe the insomnia was a blessing in disguise... I might have been attacked in my sleep for ho'in around with that tarty sock yarn swatch last night.

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lorinda said...

Sounds like you need some heavy-duty goggles for scooping out the litter box. Like it's an OSHA hazard. Glad you're okay.