Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Never a good frying pan around when you need one!

I was in the shower at 12:30 so there wasn't one accessible. The shower seems like a bad place to knock oneself upside the head anyway. Well, looks like I needed that knocking-out worse than I though. That's right, I'm still awake and it's pushing 7am. This simply cannot be, yet somehow it is. :(
I'd like to just take a pass on Tuesday and try again tomorrow but I don't have that kind of time to spare. One option would be to go to sleep now, try to get up in 2-3hrs to catch my teacher after class then hit WalMart w/ the boy, have lunch and try to get something useful done after that. But in all reality, if I go to sleep now there'll be no moving me until afternoon and then it'll be too late to go by school. I've decided the only reasonable solution is to stay up for another hour, catch my teacher before class (rather than after), consume large amounts of caffeine, do shopping, eat lunch, start laundry, take nap, change laundry, more caffeine, more laundry, clean the kitty corner (and maybe the fish tanks) and call it a day. If I can get by school, make it to WalMart, get two or three loads of laundry done, and switch out the litter boxes, I'll take that. I can do the hamster cages/room cleaning/trunk purging tomorrow. I'm taking an f-in' sleeping pill tonight, dammit. This is just getting ridiculous. I *hate* all nighters. I am not a nice or reasonable person when I haven't slept recently. It doesn't help that I have an unreasonable amount of crap I want to get done in the next few days.

Later I will have to cover: the insane demands house socks, the faaaaaabulous new yarn, my newfound desire to knit for myself, and my recently discovered long lost twin I didn't know was lost. I'll spare you those details until I am in a position to make more sense. No sleepy makes me loopy. :P

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