Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Mmm... nasty noodle-y crap for lunch. I'm starving so I guess it'll do. Too tired to fix anything else.
Yesterday was torture, for the most part. Well, for the early part. Couldn't sleep Sunday night then came down with some ungodly stomach bug in the wee hours of the morning. This led to much head-in-toilet time. Not fun. Couldn't eat and couldn't lay down. Saved what little sanity I have left by knitting the toe and half the foot of the second crayon sock and watching the Firefly marathon on SciFi.
I did get a visit from the lovely postman though. My hoodie from the Craft What You Can swap arrived! Yay! It's awesome! Rainbow sleeve panels, rainbow lined pockets, Grumpy Bear patch, and ears that stand up better than the Torrid ones ever did! I'm thrilled. Can't wait for it to get cool enough to wear it! I'll definitely have some pictures soon. I still look like I had the plague recently and haven't messed around with the camera at all yet so it'll have to wait. Maybe I'll finish the sock so I can take all the pics at once.

I'm one chapter away from being done with my Computerized Accounting class. I don't have to go to that 8am class anymore once that's turned in. Hopefully I can fill that time with a PT job soon. Still no word from the firm. I'm disappointed but not surprised. At least it's not me. I'd put money on that office manager not agreeing to any help. She was pretty resistent to the idea, apparently. I jsut wanted to work with the firm on teh island anyway. Oh well, something else will come along. I haven't even looked recently since I want to finish this course first.

KnitPicks says my order should be here tomorrow. I'm annoyed because according to tracking it's been sitting across town since yesterday afternoon. I don't see why it should be delivered today. :P *pout*
Hmm... my Fearless Fibers order should be arriving soon as well. I'm trying to convince myself not to peek at that one though.

Well, I have homework for tomorrow so I think I'll try to take a nap and then do that. There's so much that needs to be done around here but I just don't have the energy for any of it! So frustrating. :(

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