Thursday, September 14, 2006

*cue impression of Beavis jacked up on caffeine*

Yeeeeah... I'm on my second cup of coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a regular coffee drinker. My coffe tolerance level is ~1 normal sized cup. I can drink full grown men under the table but can't handle my coffee.
So far, so good. No reports of nausea or trembling to speak of.
I'm jacking myself up in preparation for binding off this damn sock again. I bound off hte crayon sock yesterday. Used a larger needle and light tension. No good. Foot no fitty. :( The rest of the sock? Lovely. So I ripped out the ribbing and started again.
I should note that I loathe ribbing. 1x1 ribbing makes me want to kill people. Particularly in the round. 2x2 I can handle without a meltdown but I don't like it.
I went for 3x1 reibbing this time and I rather like it. Not as annoying to knit and pretty snappy looking. Soon er'll see how it looks on a foot... hopefully. :P
I have a few stretchy bind off options printed out. I'm debating between EZ's sewn cast off and one where you k2, pass first over second, place the remaining stitch back on the right needle and repeat.
I should probably swatch. I don't wanna swatch. But if I have to rip it out again I may never finish it and I'll certainly never get to sock 2. :P The sock must be finished.
Against better judgement, I think I'm going to finish this coffee and go for the EZ sewn bind off without a trial run. Oooh, life on the edge. LOL.

Started swatching for the Esprit socks last night. Not much progress since it was late and I was afraid that lying in bed might be affecting my tension.

Nothing much has been accomplished today. My butt has been in this chair for 99& of it. Redid the ribbing, downloaded podcasts, started a list of things I like and things I think I'd like for swapp-y purposes.

Ok, I'm a wuss... 1.5 is my limit. Coffee consumption much be terminated immediately.

Is it odd that I now feel like I need a nap?
Well, not really since it *is* naptime. It's sad that I have a naptime now. I just get so damn tired anymore that around 3pm I *need* a lay down. :( Pity me. Send sugar-free Red Bull. Lol.
And is it odd that I can handle Red Bull and the like but not coffee? Short of a little heartburn from too regular use, energy drinks sit well with me and give me the needed boost to get moving in the morning or pick me up later in the day. Coffee? More nervous energy than productive boosting. Poo.
Add liquor to the equation and it's all reversed. Irish coffee? Happy me. Not too jacked up and certainly not buzzin'. Jager Bombs? Yeah, that's always an interesting evening. Vodka and Red Bull? Nothing productinve about that energy. Lol.

Anyway, less substances, more knitting!

PS - I just noticed I finished that cup anyway while I was typing this. Hmm... and I have a weird compulsion to go in there and polish off that last cup. WTF?

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