Monday, September 11, 2006

How do I *know* it's the gnomes?

Well, how else do you explain such a thing? I cleaned the whole room and searched everywhere. This was no half assed search either. This search involved and Maglite, a broom, a lot of crawling around, taking everything out of the room and putting it all back in. Nothing. Finished cleaning and started trying to organize the stash. When I was just about done there *POOF* it appeared. It appeared somewhere I'd looked no less than four times last night and twice today. Somewhere I'd never put it. Somewhere it just wasn't!

I'm just glad it's back! The gnomes are forgiving. Manipulative, but forgiving. I guess even ones who live with someone as messy as me have their limits. Constantly saying I'm going to tidy up and not following through probably just pisses them off even more.
The gremlins, on the other hand, well, they're just mean. Those are the ones who sneak up, steal something as soon as I put it down and it's never to be seen or heard from again. Seriously.

I hear you snickering and it's not nice. ;)

Room's reasonably clean, I'm freshly clean, cats/fish/hamsters/dogs fed, and the needle has returned. I guess now I can work on that sock until my sheets finish washing and drying.

Now if only whoever took my purple size 6 DPN and my 10 1/2 bamboo straight would return them... Those have both disappeared in the past couple of weeks and didn't turn up in the search. :( I don't really use the metal DPNs unless I have to but I would like to be able to finish the scarf that's on the other 10 1/2.


Fyberduck said...

it is *always* the gnomes

geeyouknit said...

After four moves in three years, I can't find anything. I think the gnomes have begun living in a pile of stuff that I have yet to go through. Good luck on your war against the gnomes.