Sunday, September 24, 2006


Hmm... Well, I just noticed that my Sock Wars yarn is worsted weight rather than DK weight. Whoops! It was the yarn high from teh new store, don't blame me! Anyway, I'm already half into the sock so, whatever. I got gauge on my swatch and the leg came out in the same size range as other people's so it'll be ok. Hopefully I'll finish in time that no one will have to worry about matching my gauge anyway. :) And the yarn is super soft and snuggly. These should be wonderful house socks. I hope my target is somewhere cool though because these puppies are gonna be toasty!

I got to go to Knit yesterday. They were finally open! YAY! I love it. Great place and really nice people (staff and customers). Great selection as well. I got some alpace/wool blend for Sock Wars, the new issue of Interweave Knits, a few sets of 6" DPNs (Plymouth and Crystal Palace... I'm trying the Addi's next), Cotton Fleece for my bro's house socks, and some perfectly eggplant Rowan Cashsoft for gloves to match Mom's hat. Then we had awesome sushi at Wasabi, went to AC Moore (got a cheaper version of Cashsoft for a hat to send to Mo, a ball of Magic Stripes, and some stencils), hit Linen's 'n Things for a 'husband pillow', and Barnes & Noble where we got my bro a PS3 magazine. I got to look at the Tracy Ulman book Knit 2 Together and I was really surprised. I really want that book! Lots of patterns I'd actually make.

Anyway, I have knitting to do...

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