Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yay, that was only semi-disasterous

Deciding to be cautious, I located the toe of a practice sock on needles, did a few rows of ribbing and started casting off with the regular bind off variation. That wasn't giving me the desired result so the plan was to finish going across the top of the toe then try the sewn cast-off for the bottom. Brittany had a whole other idea though. I'd been using the 2.25mm needles because they were holding that WIP (or UFO, really). That wet noodle one seemed to be working as well as could be expected until the effin' thing snapped. I've never snapped a needle before. Kinda freaked me out. I would have had a shit-fit if it happened on something important!
Instead of being discouraged, I took it as the opposite sign and jumped right into the EZ cast off on the crayon sock. That work fabulously. There's a bit of rolling but all in all, not bad. I love the look of the k3,p1 rib and enjoy knitting it but I'm not sure I like the functionality of it. *sigh* back to 2x2 I suppose. :P

I need a lot more practice with this toe-up method. John wants his done that way so hopefully I'll get a lot better on the second sock of this pair.

I'm so disappointed about my KP shipment right now. I've heard good things about their shipping. My Elann order got here in no time. I expected a few more days for the free shipping but I was saddened when I logged in to track my order and while it shipped on the 12th, it's not scheduled to be delivered until the 21st WTF? *sigh* I know it says 5 to 14 days but I was hoping for 7 to 10 like I've hear from most people.
It's not like I even have all the needles I need for the projects but I didn't really want to do my brother's socks first and I want my yarn, damnit!

Patience is not one of my strong points.

In other mail difficulty news...

My hoodie from the craft what you can swap was sent out almost a month ago and I haven't seen hide nor hair of it. :( This upsets me greatly! If customs had my jacket sitting around and never passes it on to me, I think I might actually cry.
Also, I sent out the Lamb's Pride Bulky last Thursday and emailed the recipient. I got no response. She had said she'd send out or at least update me by this Wednesday. Nothing. So I emailed her. Still nothing.
I'm sad.

Broken DPN, slow yarn, missing jacket, swap communication problems... and a neck knot and mysterious hand pain (unlikely craftly related since I haven't really knit much the past few days)

This calls for the application of a muscle relaxer and/or a beer. (It's a teensy Coronita... I think I'll live.)

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