Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Swaps rock!

Yay, I've found a happy new home for my Lamb's Pride worsted. And I'm getting sock yarn. I've warned my dad that everything might need to be nailed down and the critters hidden to keep me from trading it all for sock yarn. ;) I'm happy about the swap though. That's a perfectly nice skien of yarn and I've wanted to use it for a while but I just can't make my skin forget about the damn mohair! I still have some LP Bulky that I want to try to felt with but we'll see how that goes. I successfully worked with it last year but my skin seems to have gotten more sensitive as of late.

On the mohair thing... I really don't get it. Why do people love mohair so? It's a pain in the rear to knit with, particularly anything you might have to rip back. It itches. I know I'm not alone there. Even people who like it seem to have to plan to keep it out of direct contact with much skin. Yes, it has a pretty halo of fluff, but I prefer my fluff to be *soft* and itch free. But really... could someone explain the appeal to me? Eh, maybe it's just my not being able to touch the stuff that makes me unable to understand the love of mohair. Poor me. I'll console myself with alpaca. ;)

Speaking of alpacas (oh yes, I am the segue queen :P )... I recently stumbled across some information on alpaca farming. I had no idea alpacas were so friendly, easy to care for, adaptable and snuggly! I'm in love. So now I've decided that it's not totally impractical to want to have an alpaca farm. You don't even need a whole lot of land! Since I want to get a place with a bit of land once I'm out of school and settled a bit, and the area (western NC) would be suitable, I'm totally on my alpaca farming kick now. :) I'm just thrilled to find out that it's actually a reasonable and attainable goal! Now I can be the crazy alpaca and cat lady. It'll set me apart from all the other crazy cat ladies.

Since I can't order my Christmas gifts yarn yet I've been working on various kitchen cotton items. Peaches & Creme is my friend. It's the only non-acrylic yarn I can get without driving an hour or more, comes in fun colors, and can make useful stuff. It's more a habit of opportunity than anything else but it's keeping me entertained this week. I'm trying out new designs and what not on facecloths 'n stuff. I've been winging the patterns mostly and I kinda enjoy that.

Well, I have much to do tomorrow and less time to do it in so I better start thinking about bed.

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