Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh mailman, how I love thee!

Yay, my Elann shipment got here while I was having lunch. A box full of Esprit the Elann version of Cascade Fixation. I got the charcoal and french navy colors for my brother's socks. The charcoal is a bit darker than I expected but that's ok. There won't be as much contrast between the colors as I had planned but my brother's not really a 'contrast-y' kinda guy so it'll work just fine. :)
I also got a couple balls of the Esprit Print in Berry Garden to make the Broad Ripple socks for Mom. This is the only project meant for her that she doesn't know about.
Hopefully I'll be able to get gauge with my 2.75mm DPNs so I can get started immediately. Otherwise I'm stuck until the 23rd. :P Well, I do still have the crayon socks to finish. A little swatching isn't *really* cheating though, is it? ;) Heh.

Must make myself go study now. I think I'll go measure my bro's foot after my test.

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