Monday, September 11, 2006


Why must the gnomes steal important things like one of my favorite DPNs from the only project I'm currently working on?! I try to be good and actually follow through on a single project in preparation for the arrival of the Christmas haul, and this is what I get for it?

I do have a bit of an inkling that the gnomes may have a larger plan with this one though. I'm now in the middle of a well overdue room cleaning. I suppose they knew that the loss of that particular needle would spark immediate action on my part. Well, an evening of pouting and grumbling then a morning and afternoon extreme action.

I do hope I find it so I can stop being slightly aggrivated with the boy since he was the only one at the scene of the crime and he did move a couple things around.

Anyway, yes Mighty Gnomes I get the hint. Please be appeased by my cleaning efforts and kindly return my needle. My first short row sock would thanks you. I'm sure my boyfriend would as well.

Ok, sammich break is over... back to it. :P

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