Friday, September 01, 2006


I've been getting some sort of back cramps the past couple days. This morning I woke in serious pain. :( It's right across my upper back, between my arms. I certainly hope it's not knitting related or hindering! Getting a chiropractor and massage appt today. I'm well overdue anyway.

My football team kicked off the season well last night. I'm thrilled about that since it's been a rough ride for us for a while. Wooohooo football season! :) (Panthers won in preseason last night as well.)

I've started experimenting with toe-up socks. I'm having a little gauge issue with the short row toe though. Since it's knit back and forth it ends up significantly looser. I've dropped down to a 2.0mm but I'm still not quite getting what I want. :P I'm also wondering if I'm picking up the wraps correctly. I'll have to do a little more research there.

Started thyroid meds yesterday. I hope this helps with my hair, energy level, etc. Especially energy level... I have an interview next week with an accounting firm in Hilton Head! How exciting! :)

Ugh, back hurty... might have to lay back down.

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