Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm soooooo dead!

The technical difficulties continue but the targets have been assigned (w/ just email addresses for now). I'm targeted for assasination by Manda of KnittingPsychos fame. I'm so dead, but at least I know I'll be getting some kick-ass socks! :)

Well, time to get ready to head up to Charleston for some yarn shopping and sushi (then more yarn shopping, steaks, and book shopping). Then I have to get to knittin'.

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Manda said...

ha! i found you! :) i actually got killed *my killer is like..superknitter or something*, but i need to pass along your address to her. i never received my dossier and i dind't get your email address before she deleted them. lol... can you please email me your address? i can pass it along to your newest killer.. and they will definitely be awesome socks. ;) helloDOTlovelyATgmailDOTcom