Thursday, September 07, 2006

No, swaps are *awesome*

Oooh, excitement. I have bunches of fun mail to look out for. Still waiting for my hoodie from the Craft What You Can swap but it's coming from British Columbia (I think) so I'm trying to be patient.
I'm swapping off a skein of bulky Lamb's Pride too. It's is going for a whole butt load of DPNs. Sizes US 0 thru 11! I'm thrilled.
And of course the Sockotta from yesterday's set up.
I've also signed up for Secret Pal 9. I can't wait. I've wanted to get in on once of these secret pal things for a while now but I never caught the when and wheres before they closed. Well, I'm on it this time so, yeah. I hope I get good pals. :)

Oooh, Sock Wars starts soon too. I'm so dead already. That's ok though, I just wanna play. :)

I had that interview with the accounting firm today. It went quite well. I'm supposed to hear back tomorrow about meeting with the office closer to me sometime next week. If that goes over well there's a background check so I could start in a couple weeks. Hopefully the my idiot ex's financial circus didn't end up attached to me in any way. :P I suppose there might be some medical bills that show up because of the insurance rigamarole but I should be able to explain that. Oh and the arrest 6yrs ago for "underage drinking" that was dropped. That should really need no explaination. Heh.
I'm hopeful about the job. I'd be an administrative assistant, basicly, but they're willing to let me do some more accounting tech level work too! I can't wait to get some experience in the field. I think it'll make the school stuff a lot more helpful if I get to apply it as I learn it. Being able to pass tests is one thing, being able to do the work efficiently is another.
Apparently the office manager here in town took offense to the idea of hiring a student to help her out. Feeling threatened or something. Ugh, what *is* it with office managers anyway?? I've never had a sane/reasonable one. I guess she's afraid I'd be looking to replace her or something. Haha, fuck that. The last thing I want is her job. I just want some experience and some money. I wanted to tell the partners, hell I'm after *your* job not hers! Lol. Well, maybe not quite. I'm not sold on the CPA thing yet. I'd be happy just to be a well paid senior at a firm or a private accountant in the long run. We'll see though.

Oh! I also discovered that this is a regional company, not jsut a local firm. They even have offices near where I'm interested in moving next. That could be super handy!

So the HH firm's office is within a mile of a yarn shop. Hehehe. Well, I'm not thrilled with the shop in general but any shop is better than none so I stopped in hoping for the best. Eh. :P I was looking for some small gauge DPNs. I wanted 0s, 1s, or 3s in bamboo. Preferably 5 or 6 inch but I wasn't looking to be too picky. Well, they don't even carry 0s! And of course the only ones they had in the other sizes were Quicksilvers or Clovers. Poo. I'm not into metal DPNs and I'm not paying 'yarn shop' prices for freakin' Clovers. I can get those on sale at ACMoore. I'm extra glad I didn't get any now though! :)
Of course I didn't leave empty handed though. ;) I came home with three skeins of Indiecita Alpaca Sport in a nice cranberry-ish color. I was intending to see if I could get some of my Christmas present yarn there but they didn't have anything I was looking for. I like a couple of the sock yarns but they only had one skein of most of the colors! WTF?? It wasn't even on sale! Ridiculous. They're pretty snotty too. Screw it, I'm probably going to Charleston this weekend anyway.
Anyway, the alpaca is for me so I'll have to put it aside for a few months. Funny, I never knit anything for myself really but all my alpaca is "for me." Wait, I *did* finish something for myself... a chunky cabled baby alpaca hat. Hehe. Of course.

Is it really odd/bad that the correct pronunciation of the work "skein" irks the hell out of me? I don't care if I sound like a total moron saying "skeen" I just can't make myself say "skane." *shrug* I guess that kills my shot at being a well known knitting podcaster. LOL
(The way it's spelled suggests a long E though so *nyah*)

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Brandi Hillier said...

I have a pal around the area you are from but I don't hear from her anymore. *sniff sniff* ;)

Good Luck with the job hon, I hope you get it. I would think she would rather a student, if you weren't a student you probably be more inclined to actually try to get her job.

I will keep my legs crossed for you sweetie. :)

I hope you have the short skirts and high heels for the job. hehe! :)

Wishing you well.