Friday, September 22, 2006

Of course you know, this means war!

The sock war is on! Target info hasn't been sent out yet since YarnMonkey is having some hurricane related technical difficulties, but she did get the International Sock of Doom pattern posted. I wish I could start but we're going on the yarn shop outing tomorrow so I don't have ammo yet. I am amusing the crap out of myself right now though. Polishing my weapons. *dies*
Conveniently, I got the package of swap needles today (and the Brittany replacements as well, coincidentally). They're semi-unfinished bamboo so thay're grabbier than I usually use. The boy and I ran some errands today and picked up some fine sandpaper, polishing cloths and wax paper. I'm sitting here sanding and buffing the needles in the range I might need. I find this funnier than I probably should.

On a much more somber note, there's been a medical emergency in the immediate family. My brother was ill with a tummy thing yesterday. I got a call from my dad this morning letting me know my bro was being taken in for emergency exploratory surgery! Mom took him in to the hospital for the abdominal pain this morning when she went to work (she works at the hospital), thinking he'd get pain meds and more Nexium or something. A few minutes later they're having a surgical consult! They were afraid it was his appendix at first but soon discovered it was likely an intestinal blockage of some sort. They had to open him up to see what it was. Turns out his intestines were twisted around and close to rupturing! Everything went well and actually it's best that we found this out finally because it's likely the source of much of his digestive problems that have been going on for years and years.
It's a lot to take in all of a sudden. He looks so pitiful right now but he's recovering well. I'm on hospital duty to sit with him Sunday night through release on Tues or Wed. Mom's staying the rest of the weekend. He'll probably be recovering for about 3 months or so.
I think he'll be ok though.

Oh, and I just stabbed the end of my index finger hard enough to almost draw blood... with a US4! Yowie! War wound and I haven't even really started yet.

Looks like I'll be knitting the crap out of the socks of doom on a cot on the 4th floor of the hospital now. :(

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Brandi Hillier said...

I'm glad he will be okay but I will keep him in my thoughts all the same. *hugs for him and you*